The Exmoor Pony Herd 428 "FINCHCROFT" Exmoor Ponies

About Exmoor Ponies


One of the worlds oldest breeds, the Exmoor Pony has been preserved unchanged on Exmoor for centuries. This means that unlike most horses and ponies, they are all very alike. They are extremely hardy and are unworried by the most severe winter weather. They are charming and intelligent. They are strong and can easily carry an adult for a days riding but can show amazing understanding and sensitivity in the hands of a child. They are very sure footed over a wide variety of terrain and as such are often described as the ultimate 4 x 4. They are extremely versatile and can turn their hooves to most activities. They make good all round family ponies because they can carry both adult and child. They are extremely good driving ponies and are increasingly used in endurance riding. They can do well at jumping, dressage, TREC and many other disciplines. There are Exmoors working for both the Riding and Driving for the Disabled.



The Exmoor Pony came close to extinction during the 1940's with only about 50 ponies left altogether. Though numbers have increased since then there is still estimated to be less than 500 breeding females and therefore the Exmoor Pony is classified as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (