The Exmoor Pony Herd 428 "FINCHCROFT" Exmoor Ponies


The preferred Height Range is: Stallions & geldings 11.3hh (119.4cm) to 12.3hh (129.5cm) at maturity and Mares 11.2hh (116.8cm) to 12.2hh (127cm) at maturity.


Bay, brown and dun, with black points and no white markings anywhere.

Double Layered Waterproof Coat and Snow Chute tail


The winter coat has an inner layer of soft wooly hair for warmth and an overlayer of longer guard hairs to shed water and keep the pony dry. The coat is extremely efficient at expelling water.

The tail is low set and hangs close to the body and their is a fan of short hairs at the base 'the snow chute'.

The summer coat is short, hard and bright but still waterproof.

Mealy Muzzles and Toad Eyes


The 'mealy muzzle' which is said to look as if they have dipped their nose in a bucket of oatmeal is one of the most instantly recognizable features of the breed. There is also pale colouration around the eyes. The eyes should also be large and prominent with hoods of fat over the eyes and large fat pads below the eyes ('toad-eyes').




Exmoors have good hard compact feet blue-black in colour which are able to withstand heavy wear and tear.


The action of an Exmoor should be straight and smooth with no exaggeration. The stride is long, low and well balanced enabling them to manage rough terrain with ease.