The Exmoor Pony Herd 428 "FINCHCROFT" Exmoor Ponies

All Exmoor foals are inspected by two Exmoor Pony Society appointed inspectors at approximately 6 months of age to check whether they conform to the minimum breed standards.  The foals should have no white markings in their coat or hooves and should have no gross abnormalities in the teeth development. Foals which pass these criteria are registered in Section 1 of the Exmoor Pony Society studbook. Potential stallions go through a further inspection process at approximately two years old, where a more rigorous inspection is carried out, whereupon conformation and movement are checked as well as the requirements from the previous inspection.  Colts passing this inspection are granted a licence from the Society and can be used for breeding.  Only foals from two registered parents will be eligible for inspection.


Ponies are all given a herd number and a pony number. For example Kingsdown is 289/5, which means he was born into herd 289 and is pony number 5.