The Exmoor Pony Herd 428 "FINCHCROFT" Exmoor Ponies

Herd 428 Ponies that have left home for pastures new.

Sky 428/2

(Knightoncombe Clouded Silver H8/22 x Abigail 198/1)

Sky is a very pretty lady and has been sold to a lovely home in Earlswood, Birmingham. She was born in 2007 and is pictured here as a three year old.

Appley Dapply 428/3

(Hawkwell Hooligan 12/126 x Mrs Tittlemouse 23/287)

Cheeky fun Appley Dapply found a lovely home in Brighton.

Bernard 428/10

(Knightoncombe Clouded Silver H8/22 x Abigail 198/1)

A full brother to Sky. Bernard has headed off to a new home in Wales.

L-R Dolly. Bernard, Izzy

Waltzing Matilda 428/11

(Hawkwell Hooligan x Brockishill Tosca)

This lovely lady has headed for new home in Wiltshire.

Isabelle 428/9

 (Hawkwell Hooligan 12/126 x Bella)

Full sister to Annabelle and Albert. Isabelle has found a home with a family in Scotland.

Tommy Tittlemouse 428/13

(Dunkery Golden Eagle 78/156 x Mrs Tittlemouse 23/287)

Tommy has headed for a new home and will have an Exmoor gelding for a friend.


Alfred 428/15

(Kylestrome x Bella). Alfred has headed to a lovely home in the Midlands.



Finchcroft Mabel 428/16

Dunkery Golden Eagle x Annabelle. Finchcroft Mabel is now living with Jen and Jake Bacon.