The Exmoor Pony Herd 428 "FINCHCROFT" Exmoor Ponies

Meet the Mares Part One

A page dedicated to our foundation and older brood mares.

Bella 198/2

(Octavius 14/57 x Rosslyn 2/89)

Bella, mother of Caledonia, Gaoth, Annabelle, Albert, Isabelle and Alfred. An angel in disguise, fantastic riding pony and a fantastic mother. Easy to spot with her lovely long mane!


Abigail 198/1

(Domitian 14/82 x Rosslyn 2/89)

We bought Abigail after spotting her on the sales list and noticing she was Bellas half sister. She has the same fantastic temperament. She is the mother of Sky and Bernard.


Mrs Tittlemouse 23/287

(Prince Harry II 23/202 x Angela 23/164)  

Stunning red bay in colour. She is the mother of 'Appley Dapply' and 'Tommy Tittlemouse'.



Wickhurst Heartsease 280/1

(Frithesden Flapjack 9/94 x Hawkwell Wayward Elf 12/138)

'Zsa Zsa'. My little star! Had a beautiful filly foal Lola in May 2007 and two more gorgeous fillies since Snowdrop and Alyssa. Heartsease is another name for the Wild Pansy.



Caledonia 309/4

Heathpool Pentland x Bella

Caledonia joined the herd in 2011, "Callie" has her mothers beauty. Callie has produced two beautiful fillies born into herd 428. Briagh and Finchcroft Maisie.